Sunday, June 21, 2009

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes (FAIL)

Happy Father's Day! To my dad, my stepdad, and my father-in-law, I love you guys! You are all very special to me, and I appreciate you more than you know! Without a doubt, I'm one of the luckiest ladies in the world to have three awesome dads in my life!
Today is the annual Klingenfus Family Father's Day Bash at my in-laws house. This thing is like a huge family reunion, except it's really just two branches of one family three. The Klingenfuses are prolific people, and they love to have a good time. I've mentioned it before, but on Father's Day every year, we all get together to enjoy time with our dads, eat, and play games. Everyone brings a dish (or two), and the fun begins!
I'm taking a pasta salad dish, but I wanted to take a dessert, too. (remember, it's what I do). Only the problem is that I've had an absolutely crazy week with work. I work for
Lindsey Wilson College and their School of Professional Counseling, and we're right in the middle of recruiting for our incoming class, so life is hectic. AND, I taught all this weekend (Friday night and all day Saturday). I really enjoy my job, and I like the teaching responsibility, but this week it really cut into my cooking/baking time! I didn't get to complete my TWD recipe (Coconut-Roasted Pineapple Dacquoise), and I just knew I wouldn't have time to make a dessert for the Father's Day party today. I looked around at my usual food blogs, and Susan, from She's Becoming Doughmesstic made some chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, that looked easy and delicious. I decided to go for it at about 11pm last night.
They look nice, don't they? The trouble is, I'm scared of 'em. I didn't use Nestle cookie dough (even though if I had some that had been recalled, I'd still eat it myself...I'm not scared), I used the Wal-Mart variety, which was all that was left. But I'd probably have picked it anyway instead, even without the e.coli warnings. I'm all about the value. And the problem isn't the cookie dough at all. I'm scared of the cupcakes. Well, not personally. I'd eat all of them, but they feel soft...not quite done....even after a short re-bake early this morning. I have no fear of uncooked eggs. I'm the chief batter eater at my house; it's my favorite part of baking. But these will be served to fifty-some Klingenfuses this afternoon, and I just can't be responsible for a salmonella or e.coli outbreak. They're probably fine (I followed Susan's directions to the letter), but I'm just too concerned to serve them.
If you want one, you can have one. I have nearly 2 dozen in my kitchen RIGHT NOW. I just can't bring myself to take them to the party. They're tasty, but I just can't do it!

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