Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TWD: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

Yuck. Sorry...that's it. I was so disappointed in these things. They were a pain in my rear from the time I started, and by the time I was done, I was cranky.
Cottage cheese has its place, but it does not belong in dough. This has got to be the stickiest, most stubborn, temperamental dough ever in the history of the world. It seemed like I had it out of the fridge for a minute and a half, and it was goopy and sticking to everything. I let it chill overnight before I started working with it. Then I rolled it with about 4 passes of the rolling pin, then chilled it (repeat about 6 times). I cut my rounds with the cookie cutters, then chilled them. Then I filled them and chilled them. Finally, by the time I got the first batch in the oven, I had used up my patience quotient for the day (and those of you who really know me know that I don't have much to begin with). I had high hopes. I filled some with PB and Nutella (due to my recent addiction to the stuff) and others were filled with strawberry jam. I baked them just like Dorie said, and I dusted them with powdered sugar and let them cool. And they weren't good.
This was one of the PB/Nutella ones. Look at that stupid "pufflet". There's no puff involved, really. It's just a cottage-cheesy flop. These won't be on my "to-make" list ever again. I sure hope some of the other TWDers enjoyed them, but I didn't. Ugh. For the record, though, this is the first time I've been disappointed with a TWD recipe. And oh my goodness...I have high hopes for next week. Chocolate? Check. Caramel? Check. Honey roasted peanuts? Check. I'm gonna have to get some bigger pants.
Anyway, if you're feelin' froggy this week and have some cottage cheese you want to make cookies out of, head on over to
Daisy Lane Cupcakes for the recipe. I hope Jacque had better luck and more patience than me!


  1. Wow, sorry it was such a letdown after all the work and effort you put in it! It sure looks lovely though.
    I have yet to roll out my dough and if it takes as long as you say, I'm afraid I won't be able to finish it tonight! Yipes.

  2. I feel your pain. I thought they tasted OK, but not nearly good enough to go through this again!

  3. I know many bakers had some issues with the dough. Sorry you were so let down by the finished product. I didn't bake along...too lazy! They looked good, though!

  4. Your so funny I so agree they were a pain in the rear. Sorry they made you feel cranky....baking should not make us feel that way! Hopefully next week will be better for all of us!

  5. The pufflets look nice! They were not a hit at my house either. Yay for chocolate and caramel next week!

  6. These were a challenge, there's no doubt about this. Sorry they were such a pain. They look good, though.

    Thanks for baking along this week :)


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