Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dream Kitchen 2010

Tonight was one of the most exciting nights I've experienced in quite some time. You see, David and I are building a house, and tonight, my dream kitchen is pretty much complete. I am so very happy with how it turned out. I am blessed beyond measure, and I can't wait to get in that kitchen and BAKE! Let's take a tour!

Here's one side of the kitchen. To the left of the sink is the double oven, but it kind of got cut out.
Here's the other side of the kitchen. I'm really pleased with how the cabinets, wall color, and countertops look together. I was intimidated by picking everything out, but it works great!
There's the double wall oven. I've been wanting a double wall oven for so long! I can't begin to tell you how many times I've wished I could have two things in the oven at different temperature. The dream is about to come true!
Here's what the inside of the ovens look like. I don't know why they're blue, but they're pretty! And get this...that gray thing on top of the instructions in the oven? That's a built-in probe thermometer. I can't wait!
Here's the ginormous refrigerator! It looks especially big right now, because it's not pushed all the way back to the wall. I love the French doors. You wouldn't believe how much stuff you can fit in there. Seriously...a full sheet cake would fit in there. And the freezer is in the bottom, which will eliminate the avalanche I currently deal with every time I open the freezer door.
And here's me...lovin' on my new dishwasher. Oh, how I have missed having a dishwasher. Since David and I got married (a little over three years ago), we've been dishwasherless. And believe me, I'm sick of handwashing every.single.thing I use in the kitchen. TWD assignments will be so much more fun now!
Here's the microwave and the cooktop.
And a closer look. It's got 5 burners. The front left one is expandable and can fit three different sizes of pans. The two middle ones can be joined together long-ways to accomodate a griddle (look out, pancakes!) or one of those long skinny sauce pans like Rachael Ray uses.

There you go. You've had a tour of Erin's Dream Kitchen 2010! We still need to get the door handles and pulls on there, but it's pretty much complete. I'm so excited about baking and cooking in there. What should I make first?


  1. It it beautiful! I know you will enjoy it!

  2. How exciting! I just love the countertop, and the paint color! And I'm sure you feel about your new appliances the same way I feel about my embroidery machine and serger :)

  3. Congrats on the new house! The kitchen looks lovely! You'll have to send me the address so we can come out and visit one day when we make it back to the Midwest. Happy new year in the happy new house!

  4. girl, that is freaking amazing!!! i am so terribly jealous, but you deserve it--especially for going 3 years without a dishwasher!!! right after hubs and I got married our dishwasher broke--it was the most tense week of our marriage lol!

    Enjoy every second in your amazing kitchen!

  5. Very cool! I can't even imagine how excited you must be! The fridge is really awesome. I have double ovens, and besides setting them at two different temperatures, you can put them at the same temperature to bake a lot of cookies at one time. I love that!


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