Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TWD: Raisin Swirl Bread

I nearly sat this week's TWD out, because I fear the yeast. And my fears were completely unfounded! I always thought yeast was temperamental stuff, but I learned that maybe that's not the case! I was so afraid I'd either kill it with milk that was too hot, or use milk that was too cold, which might not activate the yeast. I didn't want to use a thermometer, so the best advice I got came from Chet. He once told me that your liquid is the perfect temperature for yeast when it's pretty much the same temperature as your body. When you stick your finger in it, it shouldn't feel too warm or too cool.
I think his advice worked, what about you?! Isn't that a pretty, swirly loaf of bread? I had absolutely no problems making this...none at all! In fact, I really, really, really enjoyed working with the dough. I've been making a list of things for future baking, and yeast bread was on the list. But again, I was in fear of yeast and had been putting it off. But look out! I have conquered yeast, so hopefully much more bread baking is in my future!
I think this was my favorite part...rolling the dough, laying down the "fixin's", and rolling up the loaf. But see the cinnamon/cocoa mixture? I'd double it next time. I really wanted more cinnamon swirl in each bite. Other than that, I'd say this recipe was perfect! My bread the perfect texture (another fear...dense bread!), so I feel pretty confident. I didn't make the brioche that the group made awhile back, so I might have to try that soon.
If you're not afraid of yeast, or if you like cinnamon raisin bread, or if you do fear yeast and want to get over it, visit Susan over at Food.Baby! This was her pick, and she's got the recipe.


  1. Looks great! Your swirl looks perfect.

  2. woohoo! i understand the yeasty fear...have been worried, but this bread was awesome! I agree about doubling the swirl mixture too. Yay for new baking adventures!

  3. Thanks for sharing your bread with us! It was delicious.

  4. Erin, Your bread looks great! Im glad you enjoyed this recipe! It was so fun baking this bread and the best part was eating it! I liked it in the french toast the best!

  5. Yay!! for conquering yeast fear!!! I hope we do see more bread here. It is SO much fun to make.

    And your bread looks perfect.

  6. It looks great! Great photo of the rolled-out dough with the cinnamon and raisins on it.


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