Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dinner In a Hurry: Tacos Two Ways

Last year, when my sister got married, I gave her a cookbook full of tried-and-true recipes that I had used in my first couple of years as a wife. I called it "The New Wife Cookbook" and was pretty proud of it. I think she and Larry use it pretty regularly, which makes me extremely happy. As one of the very first pages, I included a list of "Dinner In a Hurry" ideas that can be thrown together quickly (generally with what you have on hand) and don't require a recipe. One of the ideas I included was tacos. This is a "Dinner In a Hurry" option that David and I have pretty regularly. About two months ago, I started a new job, and I get home a lot later than I used to. I used to be able to cook a really nice dinner every night. And I used to be the Queen of Casseroles. Not anymore. It's not unusual for me to get home at 7 or after, and when I do get home, I just want something to eat. Nothing fancy, just sustenance. That's when I break out my old "Dinner In a Hurry" standbys. Tonight was one of those nights. So I declared it taco night...two ways: soft tacos for David, taco salad for me.
I love to watch David make his soft tacos. He always says, "This one will be small," and then he starts putting stuff in it and it grows to this monstrous size that he can't even close! I love it! Tonight, though, he knew the pressure was on...
Here's David's very modestly compiled soft taco (pre-roll). I wanted to see if he could actually get it rolled up. Let's see how he did...
Perfect! The three subsequent tacos were not this pretty...he knew they wouldn't be photographed!
Here's my taco salad. I love soft tacos, but sometimes I just want a salad. This really hit the spot...healthy and light, because I used extra lean ground beef (it's a good swap, because you can't tell the difference between it and regular ground beef once the taco seasoning is in it...but don't use it for burgers...use good ol' 80/20 for that). So there you have it. It's not fancy, it's not high-class, but it filled us up. Our bellies are full!

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