Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TWD: Honey Nectarine Ice Cream

I can only remember a handful of times that I've had homemade ice cream. I can remember having it at a 4th of July party at my Aunt Betty & Uncle Bubby's house one year when I was really young. I can also remember having homemade chocolate chip ice cream that Chet made not long after he and my Mom started dating. There are a couple of other times that I can sort of remember, but it was always a pretty special occasion. Now I know why:
At the beginning of the month, when I saw that Tommi, from Brown Interior, chose Dorie's Honey Peach Ice Cream for this week's "assignment", I started getting busy tracking down an ice cream maker. Mom and Chet have one, but I think it's pretty big. I also asked Shirley if she had one, and she did...a 2-quart one. And both ice cream makers were the old-fashioned kind (at least they didn't have a hand crank!) that require lots of ice and rock salt...not the fancy-dancy kind that you sit on your countertop and just plug in. I was scared. It just seemed like there was so much that could go wrong! I was terrified that the salt and water would get in the canister and ruin my custard. But I had no problems. I had to make a modification, though. I used nectarines, because the peaches at Kroger were as hard as rocks, and this assignment kind of snuck up on me. I think Shirley was skeptical, but I think it turned out really nice.
See the tiny nectarine chunks? It turned out such a nice color, too. Since Earl and Shirley let me use their ice-cream maker, they got to sample the finished product. See...if you loan me cooking materials, you get to reap the rewards! I enjoyed the ice cream, but I didn't think it was out-of-this-world. Honestly, I'd rather have some chocolate, or chocolate chip, or something along those lines.
I told David about the ice cream makers that just sit on the countertop and require no ice or rock salt. He told me that maybe I could get one for my birthday or Christmas. I said NO! That would make it WAAAAY too easy to make homemade ice cream! The idea of getting out ice and rock salt and babysitting the ice cream maker on the front porch deters me from making ice cream on a weekly basis. Hogatha would like that, but I'm trying to keep her out of the picture. Moral of the story...now I know why homemade ice cream was such a treat growing up!


  1. Your ice cream looks delicious! Don't you want to try to make some chocolate ice cream now? Even if it means hauling out the ice and rock salt?

  2. I love that ice cream maker - it totally brings back my childhood! That was the type that my family used way back when (except I can't remember if there was a hand crank or not - selective memory).
    Your Honey Nectarine Ice Cream sure looks delicious - nice and creamy! And I can see the nectarine bits!


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