Sunday, September 20, 2009

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

Usually, during one shopping trip at the beginning of each month, I purchase all of our meat for that month. I always get tilapia fillets, pork chops, flank steak, chicken and a little ground beef. Those are our staples, but if we have a recipe we want to try that calls for a different cut/type of meat, we'll probably go ahead and get it, but I try to keep fish, pork, flank steak, and ground beef because they're all so versatile. When I have those things in my freezer, I'm always confident that I can come up with a quick, tasty dinner in no time at all.

I noticed that we hadn't been eating much of our fish (probably because it was shoved underneath about 6 bags of frozen blackberries!), so I decided to look for something new to try. Our go-to fish recipe is Italian Tilapia, but I've blogged about that before, so I needed something new! I visited The Sister's Cafe because I knew I'd find something tasty there! Of course, they didn't let me down. When I found a recipe that called for butter, mayo, and parmesan cheese, I knew I was on to something good. I put this together in no time, and once again amazed my husband at how quickly I got supper on the table. Really, it took longer to gather the ingredients than it did to put them together and cook the fish! David and I enjoyed the fish; you'd think it would be "heavy" with the mayo, butter, and cheese, but it was surprisingly light. It's not exactly diet food, but if you monitor your intake all day, it's not a calorie budget-buster by any means. I won't repost the recipe...I'll just send you here so that you can get it straight from The Sisters! Enjoy!

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