Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TWD: Brownies for Julia

I've got conflicting opinions on these brownies. The flavor is absolutely wonderful. They are sinfully chocolatey. But they're...too gooey. I love a fudgy, gooey brownie, but these go beyond the beyonds. Maybe I underbaked them, but I'm not so sure. After reading Dorie's description and checking out the other TWDers, I think they pretty much turned out like they were supposed to.
See? They've got the dry, crackly tops. When I inserted a thin knife in the middle, they were still "pretty gooey."
But then, I started cutting them, and this happened...

Yikes! I salvaged the brownies around the edges for the Super Bowl party, but I think only one or two were eaten. I put the gooey brownie mud back in the fridge, and I've been eating it bit by bit with a spoon. Oh, it's good. If you're a batter-licker (like me), you will love these. I just had a hard time serving them to other folks because I was terrified that someone would get sick. Or think I can't cook. Yes, I could have cooked them longer, but I was hosting a Super Bowl party and was on a deadline! I had cookies, dips, and pizzas to cook, too!
If you want to try your hand at these delicious (but gooey) brownies, visit Chocolatechic's blog. That lady loves her chocolate!


  1. Eat them with a spoon, it has to taste good!!

  2. my middles were lack that too, and i got out the spoon for them! hubs loved them raw brownie batter is his favorite. I will definitely try them again, not sure if i will bake them longer or just enjoy to goo?


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