Tuesday, February 16, 2010

TWD: My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have a confession to make. (It seems like I do that a lot around here...) Anyway, I don't like to bake cookies. I like to bake cakes, pies, tarts, but not cookies. You know why? Because you constantly have to tend to them and watch them. I like to mix up one big batch of stuff, stick it in the oven, then come back about 45 minutes later to some kind of delicious confection. But cookies? There's scooping, baking, removing to a cooling rack, letting the cookie sheets cool, etc. On and on until you finish the batch. And there's another thing about cookies. One cookie isn't a satisfying snack. I need to eat three or four to feel like I've had something. But one piece of cake or pie is satisfying! Anyone agree with me?
Another problem I have with cookies is that I haven't perfected a cooking method. I like chewy cookies, but I always let mine cook until they're crispy. And I'd rather have no cookie than a crispy cookie. And my cookies always spread out and get really flat. What's with that?
Anyway, Dorie's cookies solved at least one of my problems!
Even though I let the first batch cook a little long, they were still chewy after they'd cooled! And the next day, they were still chewy too! Thank you, Dorie, for a chewy chocolate chip cookie! These did still spread an awful lot, but I can take a thin, chewy cookie. These cookies had a great chocolate chip flavor...they were better than the Tollhouse recipe, which is the only chocolate chip cookie I've tried. They were very well received at the Super Bowl Party (everyone loves chocolate chip cookies!), and David and I snacked on them for a couple of days afterward. These will definitely be my chocolate chip cookie recipe from now on! Kait, of Kait's Plate, picked these cookies. If you'd like the recipe, head on over to her website.


  1. my mouth is watering...can't wait to make these for hubs this weekend!

  2. I know what you mean about baking cookies-I can't pay attention long enough to pull them out of the oven on time. I overbaked some, but they were still chewy. Yay--love chewy cookies.

  3. Im glad you enjoyed these cookies too. I thought they were good and apparently so did my family because they were gone in a day! YOur cookies look great!
    I hope your baking with me next week, I can't believe it's my turn to host..where did a year and a half go!?

  4. I loved the flavor, but not the flat crispy cookie.

    Ditto on cakes/pies/breads.

  5. What kind of sugar are you using, Erin? We have found that anything other than pure cane sugar tends to run and spread as yours did.


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